July Favorites!

Hello Lovelies!


I made my favorites an actual video this month and I am so excited to share this with you all. I was really nervous, but I listen to Brave and felt better. Chasing my dreams one step at a time. Thank you for all your support. Like and subscribe!

Favorite Quote:


God Bless & Be Happy!




Hello Lovelies!

As you all know, I am part of the Smart Girl’s Group. I write for the blog called Smart Girl’s Loop and I was running the tumblr account since January of this year. The growth for the page is something I am really proud of. We were at around 500 followers when I started with the page and now we are about 20 followers away from 2,000.

I feel so honored and blessed that the SMARTketing team thought I was the perfect girl to run the Twitter account. I have now transitioned over to the Twitter account and I want to invite all you College and High School girls to follow for excellent quotes and links to resources.

Click the logo for the direct link to the Twitter account! Don’t forget to sign up for Smart Mail. It’s an amazing newsletter to receive in your inbox weekly. It brightens up my day!


Thank you for all your support. If it weren’t for my readers, I wouldn’t be so motivated.

God Bless & Be Happy!



I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Hello Lovelies!

After reading The Fault In Our Stars and Hired by the Cowboy, two romantic novels, I decided to read something that was completely Non-Fiction. I was doing some research and I found this book called I Will Teach You To Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi. It was by total accident, but I’m so very glad it happened. I honestly thought this book was going to be tips and tricks on how to get rich quick. In a sense I regretted buying it when I thought about that, but decided to give it a chance anyway.

Honestly, one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time. Sethi is so blunt about saving money that it’s hysterical. He doesn’t bore you to death with ridiculous financial vocabulary. He keeps things simple and provides solid advice on managing money. The best part? His audience are twenty-year olds. I’m nineteen, but I’ll fit into that audience in October. If you’re in college, you need to read this book. This book should be the First Year REQUIRED reading for all incoming Freshmen.

My favorite piece of advice was, “Pay yourself first.” The concept of “no-budgets” is brilliant as well. By paying yourself first (401K, IRAs, Investment Funds) you have money left over to treat yourself. He’s not the extremist that tells you, “SAVE EVERY PENNY OR DIE.” He also doesn’t tell you to stop drinking your $7 lattes. Conscious spending. I seriously want all of my friends to read this.

I also understood why he works so hard to succeed. He comes from and Indian family. I come from a Cuban one. It’s the same idea. “You must be the greatest at whatever you do.” He gets me and I get him. I’m going to post a picture of the book so you can click on it and go straight to his website.


Thank you for writing this book and proving to me that I’m not crazy for being a teenage that cares about my expenses.

God Bless & Be Happy!



The Power of Music

Hello Lovelies!

I hope Summer is treating all of you well. Here in Miami we are either melting or swimming. There’s no in between. It rains every single day and then that water boils right back up. Perfect for tanning…but it’s not sunny long enough to tan. Miami is getting a little crazy because Lebron left back to Cleveland. Honestly, I’m not a big enough basketball fan to give a solid opinion about this but I am “Miamian” enough to tell those people insulting Miami that I’m happy for Lebron and all of his endeavors. Why? Because that’s what human beings do. Lebron came to Miami four years ago chasing a dream. He accomplished his dream…twice…and now he goes back home wearing rings and a big Miami smile. It’s great to go back home knowing that because you left, you were able to accomplish your dreams. I wish him the best. The Miami Heat will continue to be The Miami Heat.

Moving on!

Today I wanted to talk to you all about the power of music. Lately I’ve been noticing that I listen to pretty empowering songs when I’m getting ready to go out. Some may be a bit obvious and others are just really upbeat and happy. I wanted to share them with you because I know we all feel a little more confident when we dance as we get ready. (True story: I once bought a dress because I was dancing to Beyonce in the dressing room.)

(No, I am not single…I just really love this song.)

(SAY WHAT YOU WANNA SAY! P.S. This video says A LOT)

(Carrie and Miranda? Perfection.)

(Seriously…that’s all some people are ever going to be.)


These are just some of the songs that get me all hyped up when I’m getting dressed. 99% of the time I leave the house super duper confident. The other times I leave ready to party. In that case I listen to completely different music.

Enjoy ladies!

God Bless & Be Happy!



Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July Lovelies!

I hope you all get to celebrate America’s birthday with your beautiful families and friends. Enjoy all the beautiful things about America.

Are we perfect? No. There’s no such thing as perfection, but I am still proud of my country and I am still proud of being an American.

God Bless America! God Bless the Troops!


P.S. It’s also Egg on a Sidewalk Day. Totally dare all of you to fry an egg on the sidewalk.



June Outfits!

Hello Lovelies!

I recently started being more aware and posting my outfits daily on Instagram. I’m going to post all of my outfits for the month of June here. If you click on the picture it will take you to my profile with the details on each outfit.


















God Bless & Be Happy!



June Favorites!

Hello Lovelies!

June is over…six more months till Christmas which means six more months until 2015. Ta-Da! This month I was really busy with all the things I needed to do for the Smart Girl’s Conference tumblr page and I’ve been actively posting on my Instagram account. It’s grown. Little by little, but it’s getting there. Thank you to those of you who are so supportive. I want to share my favorites for this month.

Favorite Nail Polish–Manicure:

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 3.27.01 PM.jpg

Essie’s Marshmallow. I had this on for about a week and a half. It did not even chip! I was in love.

Favorite Outfit:


This dress made me feel like a Princess. I’ve worn lots of dresses like this in my life, but there was something about this one that really made me happy. For full outfit details click on the picture.

Favorite Mascara:


Another product I heard about on YouTube. I love this mascara with all my heart. It’s a mission to take off sometimes, but it holds a curl like no other mascara I’ve used. It does not flake and it gives me Minnie Mouse lashes all day.

Favorite Scent:


Pink With a Splash — Pretty & Pure by PINK for Victoria’s Secret. I’ve had this body splash for about a year now, but I felt it was too “Summer” to wear during the Fall and Winter months (even though they’re Summer here in Miami). I finally started using it and I just cannot get enough of this scent. It has a fresh scent that’s not overpowering and it’s slightly sexy. In love with this.

Favorite Quote: pulitzerandpearl.jpg
This quote spoke a whole lot to me. Lately, every single time I open my laptop I read the news, my Facebook News Feed, Twitter or just anything online it’s all negative and sad. So many deaths this month and so many people around me that are either sick or getting divorced. It’s hard seeing strangers and people I care about go through such trials all at once. This quote really spoke a lot to me. It helped me realize that you just can’t let the negativity into you.

Favorite Song:

Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert together? Blessed be the Gods.

Monthly No-No:

What’s a favorites post without a POO?


I am so sad that this is made my Suave. I expected more. My hair got crunchy and it flaked so much. My hair looked like it had dandruff. It does hold, but it does tons of damage.

Hope you enjoyed June as much as I did!

God Bless & Be Happy!



One Year Later

Hello Lovelies!

A year ago, today, Roly landed at the airport in Savannah, Georgia and took a bus ride to Parris Island in South Carolina. A year ago, yesterday, was the last time I would see Roly for the next three months. A lot of things were going on. We were uncertain about the future (now we’re living that future and we’re still uncertain…that’s the thing about the future…nothing is set in stone.) and we were anxious about the distance. Three months of communicating through letters and wondering when I’d get a next one. I know there are military couples out there that go months without speaking to one another, but it was pure torture when I spent 15 days without word. I swore he was hurt…which he was. Hairline fracture on his thumb. He also chipped a tooth, but you can’t tell.

It’s been a year. Time flies. It really does. Things are NOT how we thought and wanted them to be this time, but we’re happy it’s not. God works in mysterious ways and we have faith that God changed everything for us because He has better plans for us. We beat the odds that Long-Distance Relationships had against us. We proved a lot of things to one another. We wrote…a lot. We cried together (through Skype) a lot. We grew up…A LOT. We’re still kids, but we’re bigger kids. We’re so big we don’t even need Pull-Ups!


It was hard to say “See You Later” for the very first time. It never gets easier, but the first time is the worst. It took me about a week to accept that he was gone. That I could not wake him up at 4 in the morning because I had a nightmare. (Two weeks later I found out that he would wake up at 4…oops!) It was a rough and tough three months. I had support. I had God and I had the mailman/mailwoman. They knew me already. I would give them a water bottle…they’d give me a letter. It was even. Refreshment for them and relief for me.


I cried a lot. I was scared for my best friend. I knew he was going to finish, but I was still scared.

He finished boot camp. He became a Marine on his 19th birthday. More on that story another time.

God Bless & Be Happy!



P.S. For those girls who think that they’re not going to be able to. That their guy will change…they will change, but you will too. If it’s meant to be and you work hard, you’ll get through it.

Happy Father’s Day!

Hello Lovelies!

Today I get to brag about my Daddy. I do this often, but not often enough on my blog. My dad is quite the man. He’s smart, funny, wise, and does not look nor acts his age. The man has a gift of ignoring the fact that he is almost 70 years old. My dad has stories. Lots of them. I could probably make an entire encyclopedia with all his stories.


I have learned a lot from my dad. When I say a lot…I mean a lot. He’s taught me that hard work may go unnoticed by society, but never by God. He’s taught me that parenting is a full-time job that should not be taken lightly. He also taught me that if there is one person I should value, it’s my mother. He’s always put my mom before himself when it comes to anything. He also makes me take care of myself…by forcing me to go to yearly check-up and buying me malt-shakes if I behave at my blood tests. (To this day.) One of the greatest things he’s taught me is the beauty in baseball. Baseball is our thing. He talks cars with my little brother, but with me…it’s baseball. Love you, Papi!

God Bless & Be Happy!



Keeping Things Safe!

Hello Lovelies!

Recently I was contacted by The Display Outlet because they wanted me to review one of their products. I went onto their website and just fell in love because they have office supplies. Office supplies to me is like candy for children. It always has been. Binder clips over diamonds. (ha, just kidding.) Anyways, they sent me a safe because that is the product I chose.


This product is SOLD OUT right now, but they have a black one available. It’s only $60, but it’s a great value. It comes with 2 keys, a code and the tools to install the safe within the wall. I know safes are not supposed to be cute, but this is adorable. It holds my valuables and  it can be hidden very well. WARNING: It is heavy.

If you’re looking for quality supplies to display your business advertisements, I’d highly recommend this company.

God Bless & Be Happy!