Disney Dream Day 3!

Hello Lovelies!

On the third day aboard the Disney Dream, the ship docked at Disney’s private island called Castaway Cay. The view from anywhere on the island is just magnificent. I woke up bright and early to have breakfast on the balcony and enjoy the breeze from the ocean. There was a 5k on the island for those interested. Words cannot describe how hot it was on the island. Words cannot also describe how cold that ocean was. I’m from Miami and let me tell you…not even in December is the ocean that cold here in the 305.


During the day I didn’t really take many pictures. The ones I did take have me in a bathing suit and I don’t like posting those. While on the island you can purchase a cooler that comes with bottles of water or beer. Your choice. All the food and sodas were free. Alcohol is an additional charge. I ate so much ice cream, I had no idea what to do with myself. The burgers were juicy and fresh.

There are plenty of excursions and things to do on the island if you’re not into lounging around. There is a Splash & Play area for the little ones, there are kayaking tours, jet ski tours, and you can even feed sting rays! The mental unplug was just amazing on this island. Castaway Cay is paradise.


Later on in the evening, we had dinner in a dining room filled with the cutest cartoons Disney has to offer. There is an interactive show where Crush, the turtle from Nemo, goes from screen to screen telling jokes to tables near the screen and asking questions. The only meal I didn’t enjoy 100% was this one. The Baked Potato Soup tasted like ketchup to me. I don’t know why. The Salmon Tartar with Caviar was delectable, as was the Roasted Steak with Mashed Potatoes. Dessert came in two parts simply because I decided to celebrate my own birthday…5 months early! I figured I would not be on a Disney Cruise ship for my 21st birthday in October, so I seized the moment and sang myself Happy Birthday.


My birthday is a big deal to me. Really big deal.

PicMonkey Collage1

I ordered the Cookies & Cream ice cream with Cookie Crumble underneath. The beautiful dessert on the right was brought to me to celebrate my birthday. Someone pulled a tiara out of nowhere and that made my day because I secretly wish it was socially acceptable to wear a tiara everywhere.

Stay tuned for my tips and advice on the Disney Dream!

God Bless & Be Happy!



Disney Dream Cruise Day 2!

Hello Lovelies!

Day 2 was FULL of activities. The ship docked at the crack of dawn in Nassau, Bahamas. I could see the Atlantis in Paradise Island from my balcony. That balcony was such a treat. I got to have my breakfast out there every morning with a book and the ocean. It honestly does not get any better than that. We got dressed and went out to explore the island. I have been there twice before so we just went shopping.



Funny story. I was walking through one of the plazas in Nassau and the men kept saying, “Look a Kardashian!” They were pointing at me. Apparently big hats and long t-shirt dresses. (Outfit Details– Hat: Marshalls, Sunglasses: Forever 21, T-Shirt Dress: Ross, Shorts: Forever 21, Sandals: Tommy Hilfiger, & Purse: Disney Cruise Line gives this tote to all those who travel with them more than once. My roommate was on her second trip and lent me the bag.) I went shopping for souvenirs and got my parents some island decor.


The Disney Dream is not like your regular cruises which has a Captain’s Night. They have Pirate Night which totally beats a Captain’s Dinner any day of the week. The second night we had a French Inspired menu which included escargot. I had never had the dish before and I was bit intimidated. Let me tell you…delicious! It tastes like muscles but with a crunchier texture. These were cooked in a decadent butter sauce which just added to the deliciousness. I also had Lobster Macaroni & Cheese (which wasn’t all that, nor was the duck) and I had Creme Brulee for dessert. I had also never really tried that before because I am not a sweets person, but I know what I am ordering from now on if that’s on the menu.


On Pirate Night we got to meet a bunch of Disney characters who were dressed up as Pirates! (Outfit Details — Dress: Marilyn Monroe Collection from Macy’s, Shoes: Charles by Charles David, & Earrings: For Love 21.)

PicMonkey Collage

I took a selfie in the middle of a show with Pain & Panic, Pirate Donald Duck, and Pirate Mickey Mouse! The lines were relatively short. You can take pictures with your own cameras so long as the Disney Photographers take their own pictures first. The pictures can be bought in prints or digitally.

The show for the second night is called “Villains” and it features the most popular Disney villains. Hades is the host and he is just hysterical. A lot of the jokes throughout the show go right over the kids but they are appropriate. Rest assured. After the show there was a fireworks show on Decks 11 & 12. It lasts a good thirty minutes. I did not attend the show because two of the children in my party have sensitive ears. (That’s my excuse…but I was actually DEAD tired.)

Tomorrow I will show you Castaway Cay, which is Disney’s private island in the Bahamas.

God Bless & Be Happy!



Disney Dream Cruise Day 1!

Hello Lovelies!

A few weeks ago I embarked on the Disney Dream Cruise for a 3 day vacation. Totally last minute. Totally needed. Totally deserved. What an amazing experience! If you are as in love with Disney as I am, you NEED to go on this cruise. The cruise is such a great place to take the kids on and it’s even better for the adults. I was a good blogger this time around and took plenty of pictures for those of you that love seeing pictures. On our first night we were on our way to Nassau, Bahamas. I’ll break the Cruise down into 3 posts. Each day deserves as much attention as possible.


Outfit Details– Hat: Marshalls, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Necklace: Boutique in Gatlinburg, Tennessee (Murano Glass), Top: Forever 21, Linen Pants: Macy’s, & Sandals: American Eagle Outfitters.


When the ship leaves port (we left from Port Canaveral) the crew on the 11th deck throws a HUGE party called the “Sailing Away” party. During the day, Disney movies are played on the giant screen behind me so the kids can enjoy a Disney movie while swimming in the pool or going around the AquaDuck. The AquaDuck is a clear slide that goes around the entire ship.


This is the view from the 5th deck down onto the 3rd deck where most of the Characters are found for pictures and where you board the ship. They have piano shows and two dining rooms on this floor. The Broadway style shows are also on this floor and the stores. I absolutely recommend seeing the shows every single night. The first night they show “The Golden Mickeys” and it’s all about the Classic Disney Movies and believing in yourself. What an amazing cast and storyline. Loved it!


A while after we boarded, we had lunch. I enjoyed some Stone Crab, Shrimp, a Caprese sandwich, and Chocolate Mousse. For dinner that night, we were in the Garden Room. I had a delicious Asparagus and Lobster soup along with Pork Chops smothered in a Cognac Sour Cream Sauce. That sauce was on another level of amazing.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about Nassau and my adventures on the second night aboard the Disney Dream Cruise.

God Bless & Be Happy!




Hello Lovelies!

You could never understand the excitement going through me as I write this post. I have been looking for the PERFECT Little Black Dress for years. All the ones I had tried on were either too short, too tight, too loose, too cheesy, or too sheer. I wanted something I could wear on a night out dancing and to a funeral. Versatile. Comfortable. Cute. Dress it up or down, you look great. That’s what I wanted and that is what I got.



I went dancing and I felt like I was “Baby” in Dirty Dancing.

God Bless & Be Happy!



P.S. It also helped that my foundation was amazing that night. Maybelline FitMe…the new Matte collection is just the bomb.

Keep it Lacey

Hello Lovelies!

April has been jam-packed with activities and outfits. I’m loving all these social outings and opportunities to dress up. It honestly gets old for me. This past weekend, my job celebrated it’s 10 year Anniversary at the Mayfair Hotel & Spa in Coconut Grove. It had a Great Gatsby – Roaring 20s theme. It only felt appropriate to wear lace and the brightest red lipstick I own.


I had the dress custom-made because all the ones I tried on similar to this just didn’t fit right in the bust area. They were also really uncomfortable to dance in. (I dance in dressing rooms. If it doesn’t move with me, I don’t buy it.) The shoes are from Nina shoes. I found similar ones here.


Another great perk of the night was my makeup. It did not budge one bit. My foundation was by Maybelline and it’s from the new FitMe Matte Foundation line. My lipstick is by Kat Von D and it’s in the shade Outlaw. The earrings are from Forever 21 as well as the ring.


My mom said flawless and I threw this pose at her. Gotta have fun ;)

God Bless & Be Happy!



February/March Outfits!

Hello Lovelies!

I must confess that I completely forgot my monthly outfits last month so I am combining the two months in this post. I will also include last month’s favorites while I work on the one for this month! All details will be included.


Scarf: Charming Charlie. Top: Marshall’s. Shorts: Gap. Sandals: American Eagle. Watch: Michael Kors. Earrings: Charming Charlie.


Top: Forever 21. Leggings: TJ Maxx. Shoes: My Mom’s Never Ending Closet. Earrings: Camille La Vie.


Earrings & Necklace: Charming Charlie. Top: Gap. Leggings: Forever 21. Boots: Gap. Bracelet: Pandora. Lipstick: Wet N Wild.


Top: Marshall’s. Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters. Sandals: American Eagle Outfitters. Sunglasses: Forever 21.


Sunglasses: Forever 21. Pearls: My Mother’s Collection. Button-Down: Hollister. Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren. Jeans: Forever 21. Boots: Tommy Hilfiger. Wristlet: Coach.


Minnie Ears: Disney World. Rain Coat: Disney World. Rainy Day: Priceless.


Top: Coaching Shirt by Threefold Apparel. Shorts: The Limited. Sandals: TJ Maxx. Wristlet: Coach. Bow: Trendy Mixx.


All details here!


Minnie Ears: Disney World. Shirt: Gap. Shorts: Gap. Sneakers: Nike. Backpack: Hollister.


Top Tank Top: Gap. Bottom Tank Top: Hurley. Jeans: Gap. Watch: Michael Kors. Sandals: Guess. Lipstick: Too Faced

God Bless & Be Happy!



50 Shades of Blue

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Spring! Although it is eternally hot here in Miami, we welcome the hotter months here with shorts just like we welcome the cooler months. I went to a lovely Sunday Barbecue yesterday and wore this romper I found at Macy’s a few weeks ago. DSCN0522


The shoes are the most comfortable wedges I have worn in my life. They are from Marshall’s and they have an espadrille type of a finish in the heel. The earrings and bangles are from Charming Charlie. I searched for them all over the website to link you guys, but I didn’t find them.

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God Bless & Be Happy!



The Liebster Award!

Hello Lovelies!

My beautiful friend, Shelbie, was so kind to nominate my blog for the Liebster Award. This award is a way for bloggers to further introduce themselves into the world of blogging as well as a way to spread the word about their fellow bloggers. My friend Shelbie’s blog can be found here and my nominations can be found at the end of the post. I will answer 11 questions and nominate one blog per question.


Question #1: How did you get into blogging?

I fell in love with blogging my freshman year of high school when I discovered Karla Deras over Karla’s Closet. I always loved having my picture taken and writing is probably my biggest passion. Becoming aware that I could combine both really inspired me to move on with this. It took me a very long time to try it out. I started with tumblr, which I still have, and gathered the courage to start Positivity Galore the end of my Junior year in high school.

Question #2: If you could have anyone’s closet, who would you want?

I would, without a doubt in my mind, want Kate Middleton’s closet or Taylor Swift’s. There is no such thing as a fashion faux pas for these two remarkable women. They are classy and clean, yet fierce. Combining elegance with indestructible confidence is hard, but they manage to do so.

Question #3: Who is your celebrity crush?

Bradley (beautiful) Cooper & Leighton Meester.

Question #4: First thing you would do if you won the lottery?

Have an anxiety attack. Call my parents. Pay off school.

Question #5: One song on your playlist you’re embarrassed by, but would never delete.

Honestly, I am not ashamed about my taste in music so I don’t know what song to choose. Oops.

Question #6: You’re going to a dinner party tonight, what do you cook?

In Miami, it has to be something with rice or something that people can pick up without utensils. I would probably make my famous smashed potatoes topped with cheese and bacon.

Question #7: All time favorite TV Show.

Gilmore Girls and Friends. Basic? Maybe, but they both speak volumes to me.

Question #8: What is one beauty product you cannot live without?

MASCARA! The bigger the lashes, the more awake you look.

Question #9: You’re at Starbucks, what do you order?

A java chip frappe with whipped cream.

Question #10: What’s a cure for a bad day?

Zumba. I swear by it. It makes me feel amazing. I can dance my worries away and it’s an amazing workout. WIN-WIN.

Question #11: What’s one fashion trend from your childhood that you would bring back?

Polo dresses. I love them and I used to wear them all the time when I was a little girl. I also wore tons of butterfly clips in my hair, but who’s judging?


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God Bless & Be Happy!



Welcoming Spring!

Hello Lovelies!

Hope this Winter weather doesn’t have you beautiful people under the weather. Here in Miami it’s been a bit chilly, but nothing compared to the craziness going on in Boston or Tennessee. I took advantage of the cooler days and took some pictures for those of you in need of ideas for Spring Outfits. I also have a Spring Make Up Look on YouTube in case you want some inspiration.



The pant suit is from Forever 21 as well as the tank top. I could pull off the tank top because in Miami it’s not that cold for us to need a long sleeve. At least not for the majority of the days. The shoes are by Carlos Santana and I bought them at Macy’s. Earrings are from Charming Charlie’s (they’re on SUPER sale) and the lipstick is by Lancome!


I spiced it up a little to match the lipstick. It works great for those in much colder climates. The sweater is by Polo — Ralph Lauren and I found one on eBay in case any of you want to own one as well.

God Bless & Be Happy!